Jose Cuervo “Tomorrow Is Overrated”
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Jose Cuervo “Tomorrow Is Overrated”

Nina Buitrago might be the most influential women in the realm of BMX freestyle. We teamed up with Uproxx + Jose Cuervo to share her incredible story with the world.


Client: Uproxx + Jose Cuervo
Creative Director: Benjamin Potter
Directors: Ian Cumming + Cody Ball
Producer: Ainsley Ellington
Executive Producers: Richard Wilson + Benjamin Potter

Nina Buitrago is a tour-de-force in the female BMX community. She discovered her love for BMX riding purely by accident, and it turned into a lifelong passion that would eventually turn into a successful career. This short documentary focuses on Nina’s persistent dedication to her sport, as well as the unique community she has built that keeps her motivated. Taking place entirely in her hometown of Austin, Texas, we explored all aspects of Nina’s unique lifestyle as a veteran BMX rider; practicing at the skatepark, the two jobs she works to support herself, and the community that ultimately keeps her moving.