Special Olympics: Kate DeCotis
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Special Olympics: Kate DeCotis

This is Kate DeCotis and she’s part of the unified generation that is making the world a better place, one day at a time.


Client: Special Olympics
Creative Director: Benjamin Potter (CLICKON Studios)
Directors: Ian Cumming + Walker Higgins
Executive Producers: Richard Wilson + Benjamin Potter

Through the friendships we make in life, we discover strength. Though the unified generation, we see the power of inclusion. Meet Kate DeCotis, an incredible individual who is forging her own success in life.

The film is part of the 50th Anniversary turning point for Special Olympics, with renewed focuse on inclusion through sport, health, youth and school engagement. This year, Special Olympics is broadening its purpose to focus on ending discrimination against people with intellectual disabilities worldwide and creating inclusive communities. The strategic shift will amplify the impact Special Olympics is making through its programmatic work in sports, health, and youth and school engagement to bridge gaps in access and opportunity for a community that comprises 3 percent of the global population. For more information, visit www.specialolympics.org.