Red Bull: Part Of The Game (Sao Paulo)
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Red Bull: Part Of The Game (Sao Paulo)

In the past decade, Brazilian esports players have established fearsome reputations in a host of top competitive titles, but none more so than Counter-Strike. With a unique playstyle that has been carried over from the very early days of CS:Source, Brazilians have arguably had to work harder than professionals from any other nation to establish themselves on the global stage.


Client: Red Bull Media House | Acer
Creative Director: Benjamin Potter (CLICKON Studios)
Directors: Benjamin Potter + Bruno Bolla
Producer: Phil Trevillion
Director of Photography: Walker Higgins
Executive Producers: Richard Wilson + Jack Stelling

Part of the Game explores the global phenomenon of esports in every corner of the world. In this episode, we bring you the story of the Brazilians. Competition is in their blood and CSGO is a big part of their DNA. For Brazilian esports players, there is no safety net if you try and you fail. Unlike wealthier countries such as South Korea, the United States and Denmark, Brazilian esports players have nothing to fall back on if they fail to fulfil their dreams, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The series was made in collaboration with Acer Predator.