Jose Cuervo “Tomorrow Is Overrated”
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Jose Cuervo “Tomorrow Is Overrated”

Flor de Toloache are the world’s first all-female mariachi group. We teamed up with Uproxx + Jose Cuervo to share the band’s challenging history, early inspirations that led them to something different and bold, and how challenging the status-quo is giving them a platform to inspire others.


Client: Uproxx + Jose Cuervo
Creative Director: Benjamin Potter
Directors: Ian Cumming + Cody Ball
Producer: Ainsley Ellington
Executive Producers: Richard Wilson + Benjamin Potter

Flor De Toloache is much more than a mariachi band. They’re an all-female group made up of members from around the globe that beautifully fuses musical genres. Their passion, talent, and success is an inspiration to not only other women, but also to a world that desperately needs unification. Seeing a group of people with different skin tones and beliefs come together to play music that challenges a traditional genre is truly impactful. This short documentary highlights these themes, while also exploring the beautiful music of Flor De Toloache.