General Tire: Wavemaker
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General Tire: Wavemaker

Chasing the biggest waves, risking everything and following a childhood dream. This is a story of patience, determination, and revival; a story about the Wavemaker, Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton, presented by General Tire.


Client: General Tire
Creative Director: Benjamin Potter (CLICKON Studios)
Director: Bruno Bolla
Producer: Phil Trevillion
Executive Producers: Richard Wilson

In 2017, big wave surfer and RedBull athlete Andrew Cotton fell off a 70ft wave competing in Nazare, Portugal. Suffering a broken back and multiple injuries, the story of his rehabilitation and journey ‘back into the water’ is a truly inspirational story. This is a partnership between General Tire, Initiative & CLICKON Media.

Analysis by CLICKON Social LABS showed the target audience had a strong affinity to outdoors and surfing, further validated by testing. With a focus on human storytelling, our Studios team developed a narrative and micro-documentary format around Andrew Cotton and his accident. Centered around his road and ‘journey’ to recovery, this was a perfect story to align with the GT brand and one that was human, relatable and inspiring.