America’s Navy: Faces Of The Fleet
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America’s Navy: Faces Of The Fleet

Born and raised in Dunn, North Carolina, Michael Ivey is from a long line of farmers. He grew up on a sweet potato farm in a low-key town where no one was ever encouraged to live a life out of the ordinary. The last person from the Ivey family to voluntarily enlist in the Armed Forces was a distant relative who fought the War of 1812. How could this young man possibly escape the mundane of rural America to become a hero of his country?


Client: Y&R Memphis | America’s Navy
Creative Director: Benjamin Potter (CLICKON Studios)
Director: Cody Ball
Executive Producers: Richard Wilson + Benjamin Potter

CLICKON Studios teamed up with Y&R Memphis to produce Faces Of The Fleet. When most people think of the Navy, they see ships, jets and advanced technology. They rarely see people, the ones who know the real meaning of Navy life.

By shifting the focus from technology to real and raw stories of our men and women in uniform – inside their real environments- we invite the viewer into an intimate and personal connection with our sailors every month. After watching, our audience will gain an understanding of what life is truly like inside America’s Navy. These captivating stories also serve as a teaching tool, boosting the Navy’s recruiting capabilities.